Tips For Good Gut Health

Our gut or stomach, bowels and intestines are where we take in food and convert it into the building blocks we need to live.  When it comes to making sure that our guts are in good working order, we need to look at what we eat, how we conduct our diet and lifestyle and of course consulting doctors and preparing for a colonoscopy in charleston.

A colonoscopy is where they will look into your colon for any polyps or other conditions that could lead to illness or cancer.  This procedure can be a little invasive and uncomfortable, however, after it is completed, you will be good for many years.

Eat good bacteria

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There are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria.  Good bacteria when consumed will help with your overall gut health.  Good bacteria that is found in foods such as yogurt will help break down food, gas and waste in such a way that it will be easily removed from your body.  This is a good thing and should be monitored in your diet.

Stay away from heavy foods

You want to stay away from heavy foods.  Heavy foods are fast foods, foods fried in grease or fats and foods that are high in artificial flavors, processing and non-natural.  When we consume these foods our bodies have a harder time breaking them down.  As a result, they will remain in our colon and bowels for extended periods of time. 

Drink water

You want to drink a lot of water.  When we drink water it will help to flush out or systems of any waste or other components.  We want to drink water because it also helps to keep our cells healthy and flushes out our systems of harmful waste.

Create a system

Staying healthy isn’t easy.  However, if we create a system and monitor what we eat, our exercise and other physical conditions, we can get healthy, stay healthy and maintain the quality of life we all know we can.