Woodworking Trends That Ruled 2020

Every industry follows a cycle of trends that allows them to sync with the latest style. Ask any carpentry services in southfield, mi and they’ll tell you how a handful of trends dominated 2020. For woodworkers, it is crucial to stay on top of new technology and decorating styles.

In this article, you’ll understand the trends that shaped the woodwork industry in 2020.

The Reclaimed And Rustic Touch

Even in the modern decorating lines, it is easy to spot a  country, rustic, farmhouse touch. Woodcrafters across the world have responded to this trend to enhance the look of your interior space.

Even in the kitchen area, live edge slabs and more natural materials have taken over. In 2020, more and more people loved the idea of sustainable and recycled woodworks.

Customized Woodworks

One of the most prominent trends in the woodwork industry was customized pieces. The customers were less likely to buy mass-produced furnishings. There are many reputable wood designers today who offer customized pieces.

The buyers demand more one-of-a-kind pieces rather than something common. Customized woodworks were bound by customer preferences and choices. Thanks to this trend, versatility and uniqueness are following the woodwork industry. 

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More Use Of Woodworking Machines

In 2020, the woodwork machine manufacturing industry saw a huge boost in demand. Woodworkers increasingly were using woodwork machinery to deliver quality and precision in their work. But, this does not mean that the woodworkers left following traditional techniques.

If you visit any woodwork shop today, you can easily spot machines such as table saws, sanders, planers, etc. These machines were a huge help to woodworkers to become more flexible and to cater to individual preferences.


Those were the three trends that allowed the woodworking industry to offer some stunning craftsmanship. We hope all you wood-crafting enthusiasts had a great time exploring these trends with us!